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Matcha Green Tea

If you like green tea, I suggest trying Matcha green tea.

One main difference with matcha green tea compared to the green tea a lot of us are familiar with in the tea bags, is that matcha green tea is a specifically grown tea and it’s loose leaf; the ground tea leaves are mixed directly […]

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Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan sea salt is believed to be the purest form of sea salt. It’s full of minerals that make it a great addition to your diet or in cosmetics like a salt scrub. The color comes from the mineral and energy-rich iron content.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has naturally occurring iodine which means it […]

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Turmeric is a herbaceous perennial that is in the ginger family and is native to India. It is commonly used as a spice with cooking, but there are also so many other benefits to turmeric than to flavor foods.

Turmeric is known to be anti-inflammatory as well as a natural pain reliever. Some people will […]

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Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter

Almond butter is an alternative to peanut butter. Nutrition wise, almond butter is slightly higher in healthy monounsaturated fats which helps lower cholesterol. It is also a better source of fiber compared to peanut butter. Almond butter itself is a good source of vitamin E as well as essential minerals and nutrients like calcium, […]

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Avocado Sandwich

I love avocados! They’re healthy, and there are so many different ways to eat them. Did you know they are sometimes referred to as an alligator pear?

Avocados are high in Vitamin K and folate as well as containing Vitamin B, C and E, potassium and magnesium. Hey also have a lot of healthy fats […]

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Want a healthy snack? Watermelons are a great choice, and they’re in season now!

They are made up of 92% water, so low in fat and very hydrating. They also control high blood pressure and are simply good for your heart. Not only are they great for your heart, but they are great for your […]

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Healing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very healing plant from the succulent family. It has healing properties for wounds, specifically burns as well as inhibiting infection.

It is not suggested that aloe is ingested, simply used topically.

You can grow your own aloe, so if you get a cooking burn or sunburn, you simply have to apply the […]

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Spaghetti Squash

Another one of my favorite things to grow in the garden is spaghetti squash. It’s so yummy and there’s so many options for meals.

Spaghetti squash has no fat, has low saturated fat, low cholesterol, and a good source of vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber and vitamin C. What calories you do get from […]

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, comes from the leaves of the tea tree. It is commonly used to help fight acne. I put a dab on any blemish that pops up, and it makes it disappear very quickly.

Some of the awesome benefits of using tea tree oil include that it’s antimicrobial, a disinfectant, […]

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Essential Oils

Have you ever wonder what exactly essential oils are or where they come from?

Essential oils are typically obtained from a plant by distillation using the leaves and/or flowers of a plant. The oils have the same scent as source that it was obtained from.

Essential oils are quite concentrated, so not much is needed to […]

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