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Healthy Eating

Superfoods for Healthy, Glowing Skin

A superfood is classified a nutrient rich food that is very beneficial to your overall health and well being. Adding superfoods to your diet can give you beautiful glowing skin!

Chia seeds have gained popularity in the last few years and that’s due to them being one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. […]

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Valentine’s Day Pancakes

Valentine’s Day is all different shades of reds and pinks with anything and everything that can be. Most items that we ingest – food, candies, medicine, toothpaste, etc – use Red #40 as the coloring agent in it. Red #40 is the most common dye used. Unfortunately, even though the FDA approves the use […]

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Preserved Harvest

Fresh herbs and veggies from the garden is a treat during the summer and missed during the winter months. The next best thing to eating straight out of a personal garden is enjoying a preserved summer harvest!


Herbs are one of the easiest to preserve, and the easiest way to preserve them is by drying. […]

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Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is in the same family as pumpkins and zucchinis. These guys carry a lot of potassium; potassium is important for the body because it helps trigger the heart to pump blood through your body, and it helps your muscles move and nerves to work. 1 cup can give you almost 300% of […]

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September is National Honey Month!

It’s National Honey Month!

Do you know what it takes to make not that much honey? A shit ton.

Just to make 1 pound of honey takes approximately 60,000 bees visiting near 2 million flowers and together traveling 55,000 miles. Wow!

Honey is a great natural sweetener; a great alternative to white sugar. Put it in your […]

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Sweet Potatoes vs Regular Potatoes

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between ‘regular’ potatoes and sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are actually healthier than regular potatoes. They offer more fiber, 100’s of times more vitamin A, and more vitamin C.

Sweet potatoes offer similar amounts of protein, potassium and magnesium compared to regular potatoes.

All this goodness is good for eye […]

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Super food or not?

What’s the difference between cacao and cocoa? They are very similar yet very different.

Raw cacao comes from cold pressing unroasted cacao beans which keeps the living enzymes as well as removing the fat, or cacao butter, while cocoa is pressed from raw cacao that’s been roasted at high temps.

This may not […]

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Pineapples are a great fruit. For one whole pineapple, there’s very little fat or calories, and as a citrus fruit, they contain a ton of vitamin C! They could contain over 700% of your daily vitamin C.

They contain quite a bit of vitamin B, dietary fiber, as well as potassium and magnesium.

Pineapples can be […]

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Have a bunch of basil? Make some pesto; it’s really easy!

You just need a food processor, your basil, olive oil, garlic, Parmesan and pine nuts. Mix everything in a blender and go! This is great to put on crackers, sandwiches, baguettes, eggs, pasta, you name it.

You can substitute the basil for many different greens. […]

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Matcha Green Tea

If you like green tea, I suggest trying Matcha green tea.

One main difference with matcha green tea compared to the green tea a lot of us are familiar with in the tea bags, is that matcha green tea is a specifically grown tea and it’s loose leaf; the ground tea leaves are mixed directly […]

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