Sleep is so important to our physical, mental and emotional health, but many of us don’t get adequate sleep. The more nights you don’t get enough sleep, the more likely it is to see the results of lack of sleep. Your level of alertness can decrease as well as your ability to process information and remember things. Lack of sleep can also affect your mood which can mean that your relationships can suffer. Driving when you’re over tired can be very dangerous. Problem solving and decision making skills can hindered. It can cause you to not want to participate in normal activities or exercise. Lack of sleep can affect your your skin. Lack of growth hormone is released and too much cortisol is released. This affects collagen levels. Dark circles can appear under your eyes.

March is National Sleep Awareness Month, and March 6-13, 2016 is National Sleep Awareness Week. This whole month is help make us more aware of how we are sleeping and how well we’re sleeping. It’s recommended that electronics stay out of the bedroom because they can be distracting (ie binge watching Netflix), or maybe the lights that accompany many electronics, even when they are off, can keep you up. Some people are more sensitive than others, but complete darkness is the best to sleep in. Maybe you have a hard time falling asleep because your mind just won’t slow down. Maybe you wake up during the night because you’re stressed or anxious.

There are several ways to help calm yourself to help slow, and calm your mind and body down to ease into sleep. It’s suggested that bedrooms should be kept picked up because a cluttered room can lead to a cluttered mind which can keep you up. Yoga is often times a great way to release some of the tensions and stresses that the day may have brought on. It’s much easier to fall asleep when your muscles are relaxed. Keeping yoga in mind and trying to just focus on breathing, can be difficult at first because it’s easy for our minds to wander, but it can be very beneficial to slowing the heart rate and drifting to sleep. Try taking a warm shower or a nice relaxing bath with lavender before bed to get relaxed. Sleepy time teas with relaxing herbs like chamomile, lemon, and jasmine. Warm milk with some cinnamon has been found to be very relaxing before bed; non-dairy milks will also work with this.

Another option is our Organic Sleepy Time Foot Rub! Our Organic Sleepy Time Foot Rub, like the rest of our products, is made with organic ingredients and is vegan friendly. It is chemical free, petroleum free, and synthetic free.

We use organic Valerian Root to infuse the oil. Valerian Root is a common perennial (meaning it comes back every year) that is native to Europe and parts of Asia, but has been introduced into North American. The root has been found to be a sedative and muscle relaxer, and it’s been found to be used to be used as a medicinal herb since at least the time of ancient Rome and Greece, and was used to help treat insomnia. During the 16th century, it was given to sick woman, and has been used to help treat menstrual cramp for women. It would also be brewed in a tea to help those with cough. Some use has been found in the leaves and were used to help treat bruises.

We also infuse the oil with organic chamomile. Since Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece, chamomile has been used for the calming and anti-inflammatory properties that this dainty flower offers. It was used to help ease asthma, nervous complaints, fevers, nausea, and skin disorders. It has also been viewed as the European counterpart to Chinese tonic ginseng. For centuries it’s been used as a mild sleep aid and for stomach problems. It is also antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-fungal, and treatment for colds and fevers.

The last item that we include in our Sleepy Time Foot Rub is organic Lavender oil. Lavender has been found to assist with eliminating nervous tension, help with blood circulation and respiratory issues. Read more about lavender on our blog.

This is safe for all ages, and could really be applied anywhere on your body to get the effects. If your feet are very callused, it may be best to apply other places to get better absorption. However, applying to your feet will also help to moisturize your feet and soften the calluses. It’s best to apply 30 minutes before bed after a warm shower or bath. Be sure to apply socks afterwards so that the Sleepy Time Foot Rub doesn’t get tracked on the floors or sheets. After a bath is a great time to apply because in additional to the warm water relaxing your muscles, it helps to open up your arteries and pores, so there is better absorption. You can combine several of these techniques if you have a lot of trouble getting sleep, but it’s very important to stick to a routine before bed. The longer you stick to the same routine, the easier time you’ll have falling asleep. Your brain will recognize your night time habits and rituals. How do you prep for bed time?