Sleepy Time Foot Rub

Sleepy Time Foot Rub


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Apply Before Bed to Get Calm and Relaxed!

*Moisturizes Feet
*Natural Relaxing

Sleepy Time Foot Rub available in 2 & 4 ounce recyclable glass jars.

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Green Gaia uses nature’s most calming plants to infuse into the coconut oil. Easiest to apply our Sleepy Time Foot Rub to feet before bed but can be applied all over the body for more effect. Offers moisturizing qualities as well. Can be used on people of all ages!

Created with quality ingredients that come straight from the Earth.
*Chemical Free
*Synthetic Free
*Petroleum Free
*Paraben Free
*Dye Free



Apply to soles of feet 30 minutes before bed. Can be applied to chest as well to enjoy the calming scent if wanted. Read more ways to help calm the mind and body for bed and the importance of sleep here.



ORGANIC CHAMOMILE – helps to calm

ORGANIC VALERIAN ROOT – Valerian root is nature’s valium.

ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL – helps produce calming, soothing effects


CANDELILLA WAX – A substitute for beeswax and used as a thickening agent. Derived from the leaves of a shrub in the Euphorbia family. Found to smooth and soften skin, and much like jojoba oil, it’s rich in nutrients and can repair loss of moisture


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1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 4 oz Plastic

1 review for Sleepy Time Foot Rub

  1. Sara

    This has been my go to for Baby Shower presents

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