The birch tree sometimes referred to as The Lady of the Woods because of the lightness, charm and elegance and the enchanting aroma it gives off after rain.

Birch essential oil which is also known as sweet birch oil has been used for years because of its healing properties. It’s been used topically because it boosts the body’s effectiveness of its healing cycles. It can even help with sore muscles and is anti-inflammatory.

We use organic birch oil in our Detoxifying Clay Mask because it works well as an astringent. This works alongside the clays in the mask because it helps to encourage detoxification. Birch oil helps to tone and tighten the skin and it also contains salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is antimicrobial and an anti-irritant. It also helps to fight acne. Dermatologists prescribe products with salicylic acid in them because it’s an effective kerotolytic, or exfoliate. Salicylic helps to improve skin thickness, offers a barrier function, and helps with collagen production.