Rosemary is a woody evergreen that is native to the Mediterranean region. Its needle-like leaves and twigs are quite fragrant and is often used in the landscape because of the texture and the white, pink, or blue flowers. Many use it in Italian cooking because of the bitter, astringent taste it offers to foods, and the mustard like aroma when cooked. Rosemary is also used in teas as well as being widely used because of its medicinal properties.

Rosemary’s Health Benefits:
-Aids in circulation
-Pain Relief
-Helps with concentration
-Calms adrenal fatigue
-Helps with digestion

We use rosemary in several of our products because of the benefits of topical application, but it’s easy to see why teas or incorporating the herb into your diet would benefit your health as well. Not to mention the delicious fragrance of it. Keep one of these potted in your kitchen window to enjoy the scent as well as having fresh rosemary on hand!