Due to the massive increase in demand for health and beauty products, manufacturers have brought to the market petroleum based products as the means to fulfill the high demand. While this type of product is indeed sold on the market, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe; in fact the health products using petroleum can be quite dangerous for the human body.

Petroleum contains oil, and oil is a carbon based fuel, and oil releases a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere when you burn it, which means that even during the manufacturing process, the petroleum products are dangerous for the environment.

The main problem comes when the product hits the shelves because that’s when we have to deal with the downsides. Petroleum and cosmetics have been affiliated for the past 20 years, so this is not something new. Even if numerous people dealt with a variety of side effects, petroleum is still used in cosmetics because it’s cheaper than acquiring some expensive herbs. There are many issues that appear here unfortunately.

Health products are immediately absorbed by our body, be it creams or oils, so it’s important to use only clean, organic products, as these go directly into the skin and bloodstream. This leads to direct exposure to petroleum that in many cases can cause kidney tumors, liver issues and, in the case of prolonged exposure, skin cancer or leukemia.

At the same time, long term exposure to petroleum can lead to a variety of other issues that include an increased in blood pressure and heart problems. Petroleum has a negative impact when it enters the bloodstream, so it’s crucial to ensure that you use only natural products as these include only natural ingredients and thus reduce the health issues that can appear to a bare minimum.

Maybe the most disturbing downside of petroleum based health and beauty products is the simple fact that these affect the nervous system. While there is no definitive set of downsides in this regard and scientists are still evaluating it, the nerve connectors are clearly affected by petroleum, leading to loss of memory and lower reflex reaction times.

Synthetic ingredients and dyes that are used in petroleum based products have their own negative side effects. Many people have allergic reactions to these synthetic ingredients.

As you can see, petroleum based products are very bad for the human health, especially if you expose your body to them for a long period of time. If you think that this is not enough of a reason to stop using petroleum based products, then think about what digging for oil does for the environment. Oil and petroleum on its own can destroy habitats, poison waters and ruin soil.

Using organic health and beauty products is the best solution in this regard because not only are they are safe to use, but they are compatible with all skin types. If that wasn’t enough, they do fit your budget, and they don’t come with any health problem, even after prolonged use. This is exactly what makes the organic health products better when compared to petroleum ones, so don’t hesitate and always opt for the organic products if you want to protect your body from any health issues in the long run!