Did you know that October is National Eczema Month?

Eczema is an atopic dermatitis and is simply chronic red, itchy skin that is often itchy. It can show up all over the body but is often found on the elbows and behind the knees. Unfortunately there is no cure, but there are ways to manage it.

Eczema affects over 30 million Americans. 1-3% of adults, 10-20% of children and 60% of infants suffer from eczema. It also affects 1 in 3 Australians at some point in their life.

While the cause is unknown, it’s been found that people in dryer climates tend to be more prone to eczema. Stress, emotional factors and food could be a trigger as well as environmental factors like smoke.

For some, the eczema will disappear completely or only show up when triggered, others suffer daily. Having a good regime for your skin will help reduce irritation and make flare ups not as bad.

Some people go for steroid creams to battle eczema. The problem with this is that eczema can’t be cute, and while using steroids may seem like it’s making a difference, people can have adverse reactions. Some people develop steroid withdraw when stopping which can make the symptoms worse. It becomes a vicious cycle.

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