Rhassoul Clay is a naturally occurring clay, originating in Morocco, that has been used for centuries. It is formed as a result of natural geothermal processes and volcanic activity making it is very rich in minerals. Rhassoul comes from the Arabic word for washing, “Rhassala.”

The reason we love using this in our Detoxifying Clay Mask is because it helps to lessen dryness and helps to enhance skin eclarity and elasticity. This clay also helps to remove surface oil from the inside around the clogged hair follicles. It actively helps to fight acne by actually unblocking pores and removing blackheads.

According to Amaloils.com, clinical studies have shown that a single use of Moroccan Rhassoul helps to
– improve skin texture by 106%
– reduce dryness by 79%
– reduce flakiness by 41%
– improve skin elasticity and firmness by 24%
– improve skin clarity by 68%

It’s easy to see why this is chosen to be in our Detoxifying Clay Mask. Check out the benefits of the other clays that are used in it: Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, and Dead Sea Clay.