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All-Natural Yoga Mat Spray


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Gentle on All Mats

*Energizing Scent

Yoga Mat Spray available in 4 & 8 ounce recyclable spritzers.

*Use code YGF to save, plus a percentage goes to the Yoga Girl Foundation

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Our All-Natural Yoga Mat Spray helps to clean and disinfect your mat without the use of harsh chemicals. This is safe to spray on your towels, clothes, and other equipment.

The active ingredients is tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and witch hazel

Created with quality ingredients that come straight from the Earth.
*Chemical Free
*Synthetic Free
*Petroleum Free
*Paraben Free
*Dye Free



Apply to your mat and towels before your flow to get the calming effects during, and/or apply to your mat after class and wipe down.




PURE WITCH HAZEL – Witch hazel can often be found as a landscape shrub. It has yellow flowers that only bloom after all the leaves drop for the season. has been found to be a natural pain reliever, and an astringent. Witch hazel has also been been used to help heal bruises and swellings.

ORGANIC TEA TREE OIL – Tea Tree Oil comes from a melaleuca tree. It is commonly used to help fight acne. It also offers other beneficial properties including being antimicrobial, a disinfectant, and it will help stop itching from bug bites. It can also soften corns and help with dandruff. This is helps to clean your mat and keep germs at bay.

ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL – The Latin name for lavender is Lavare which means ‘to wash.’ Lavender oil is used because it helps to improve circulation, and it’s a disinfectant. Lavender oil is wonderful for relieving stress and anxiety. Spray this on your mat and towel before class to get the calming effects that come from inhaling.

ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS OIL – Eucalyptus Oil has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.


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Weight 9.1 oz

4 oz, 8 oz

2 reviews for All-Natural Yoga Mat Spray

  1. Richelle

    The perfect cleaner for the sweaty yogi!

  2. Mali

    Never go to class without this!

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